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Raspberry Pi (One) B

Technichal data

CPU: Broadcom BCM2835 (700Mhz armv6l)
RAM: 256MB/512MB (16MB are Reserved for GPU)
Storage: SD/SDHC-Card Slot
1x Fast Ethernet LAN
2x (B) or 4x (B+) USB 2.0 HiSpeed
1x RCA Composite Video
1x 3.5mm Audio

IPFire Image

To use this you need experience with Raspberry Pi.

Get the latest IPFire version from:

xzcat ipfire-2.21.1gb-ext4.armv5tel-full-coreXX.img.gz > /dev/sd?

The Flashimage is configured for serial console at default. If you want to use hdmi output and USB Keyboard change the SERIAL-CONSOLE=ON to OFF in the uENV.txt

Example Setup

I need to use a additional hub because i need more than 2 USB ports and my android phone that i use as RED need more than 120mA. The LAN port from the RPi is used as green. Power supply from the RPi is the hub so no seperate power supply for the RPi is needed. On the hub are also an USB keyboard and a small status display.

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