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Welcome to the IPFire wiki!

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The IPFire wiki is a community maintained source of documentation. It's easy for anyone to contribute and make IPFire easier to understand for new users. Check out how to get involved in to the project.

If you'd like to help us with the documentation on the wiki, please see the how to make changes section. You can easily login with your forum account or get in touch with the IPFire Documentation Team if you have problems.

Installation A guide to installing IPFire.
Configuration Configuring IPFire using the web interface.
Addons IPFire can be extended with a wide variety of addons.
Hardware Find information about hardware recommendations and components that are compatible with IPFire.
Topics: Internet Connection Setup, Domain Name System (DNS)

Cryptography Information on cryptography used and cryptographic hardware supported by IPFire
Development This section covers addons for developers as well as working on the core.
Tools Tools to work with IPFire from Windows, OSX, and Linux clients.
Optimization A collection of resources to help optimize IPFire.
Virtualization Setting up a virtual router on your Xen/KVM/Virtual Box
IPFire Events

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