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IPFire features the fireinfo service, which collects statistical data about IPFire systems so that the developers know which hardware components are popular.

Statistics gathered by fireinfo can be viewed on fireinfo.ipfire.org.

What is the data used for?

The most important way to use the data on your system is to add a link when posting a question in the forum. This helps people who respond to your question by giving them an overview of your IPFire system.

Read these documents to learn how to deal with your own profile data:

The IPFire project is always implementing new features to improve the distribution. Often, the developers do not know if they are developing the features which are most used. To make decisions that are best for the majority of people they need background information about hardware used, together with basic software configuration.

Building hardware compatibility lists

The information gathered helps developers identify hardware working with IPFire.
This hardware is added to Hardware Compatibility lists, like the Network HCL, which in turn helps people determine which hardware to buy.

Development decisions

Possible development decisions that could be made using this information:

  • Should there be a 64-bit edition of IPFire?
  • Should we focus on wireless support or is the DMZ used more often?
  • Can we only provide a kernel that has got PAE enabled?
  • and so on.

What data is collected?

See what data is collected.

The source code of the program is open and browsable at:


IPFire Fireinfo as signature

If you want to add your FireInfo-profile to your signature, add the following code to it:

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