November 1st, 2021


  • Core Update 161
  • Kernel 5.15 is out and it is LTS
  • Infrastructure Updates
  • Deprecation of 32-Bit


  • Michael
  • Arne
  • Jonatan
  • Stefan
  • Adolf
  • Peter


Kernel 5.15

  • Testing of patches necessary first
  • Arne: No patch only necessary for 32-bit ARM left, everything is available for 64-bit ARM as well
  • Better switch to new kernel sooner than later

Firewall crashes in Hanover and elsewhere (#12716)

  • We always assumed it was kernel-related, turns out it most likely is not
  • Lowest common denominator between two affected machines: SSD
  • SNMP monitoring was added with check_ide_smart (Correction: It wasn't, see #12716)
  • Seems to be a random corner-case crashing the SSD's firmware
  • No logs available as userspace goes down in such cases
  • Daniel volunteered to have a look at this in absentia

Core Update 161

  • Now in master, Michael writes a change log
  • No testing/installation feedback, yet
  • Big due to kernel and security-related updates

Future Core Updates

  • Peter will merge patches ready to go into a dedicated branch
  • Whoever is in charge of mastering a Core Update can just merge that branch then
  • Shifts some load away from Arne (and maybe Michael)
  • dhcpd 9.4.1 should be ready to go now, update was reverted due to seccomp filter problems on i586


  • OpenVPN needs update/maintenance?
  • Stefan needs a testing buddy for OpenVPN N2N connection
  • A lot of work needs to be done on this end, people use OpenVPN heavily
  • CGI needs some clean up as well
  • Peter reaches out to Erik and sees if he is still around
  • Long-term future of OpenVPN unclear, but there are still use cases for it (RW clients sitting behind crappy WLANs)

Infrastructure Updates

  • Lots of machines have been upgraded to Debian Bullseye
  • web01, mail02, location01, LDAP and name servers TBD
  • Michael implemented multi-master LDAP
  • Dovecot index handling has been improved, searching mails is now faster
  • Patchwork is now connected to the LDAP

Deprecation of 32-Bit

  • Jonatan submits a patch for warning users still running 32-Bit systems
  • Core Update 162 will be the last version still supporting this architecture


  • Adolf works on BIND 9.16
  • Michael does some review at the end of 2021
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