October 4th, 2021


  • Releasing Core Update 160
  • Anything left for Core Update 161?
  • Stefan and Michael have been working on integrating IPFire Location into suricata: https://github.com/OISF/suricata/pull/6398
  • Infrastructure
    • Michael fixed Jitsi dial-in (hopefully)
    • Does anyone have access to MS Outlook (for autodiscover test)
    • Searching for a place to host a Proxmox Backup Server


  • Michael
  • Arne
  • Jonatan
  • Adolf


Core Update 160

  • Ready to go

Core Update 161

  • New kernel release with some changes
    • 1000 Hz does not increase CPU load on Michael's test machine
  • Kernel 5.14 is not LTS, might jump to 5.15
  • Dropping Python 2, Adolf will send a patch that drops client175
  • Things to merge:
  • Jonatan and Adolf will go through Patchwork and see what else is abandoned/superseeded/has to be merged


  • Patchwork: Make LDAP login work
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