September 7th, 2020 - Is anybody still out there?


  • Why do we have a support forum? I cannot really see anyone receiving any support from anybody else?
  • Core Update 149
  • Rootfile helper
  • Location quirks


  • Arne
  • Jonatan
  • Michael
  • Stefan
  • Peter


Why do we have a support forum?

  • People do not seem care about factual discussions anymore
  • Some users lack even most basic IT/networking/security skills without being aware of it
  • ... and the rest of the users does not even seem to read posts longer than a few sentences
  • We will try to keep this forum more strictly moderated
  • Perhaps an issue template might help

Core Update 149

  • An issue has been fixed (telinit -u), currently no other issues known at the moment
  • vi misbehaved sometimes (GCC hardening), fixed as well
  • Phasing out i586
  • Scheduled to be released next week

Core Update 150

  • Kernel update only (including fix CVE-2020-14386, see #12483)
  • Contains upcoming fix for #12480 and some smaller libloc-related changes

Core Update 151

  • StrongSwan, conntrack-tools, iptables et al.

Rootfile helper

  • Being annoyed by them, Jonatan has worked an toolkit for handling rootfile changes
  • Shared libraries are somewhat difficult to deal with
  • Makes development easier, but still leaves some rootfile changes to be reviewed manually
  • Still needs some re-designing and engineering work

Location quirks

  1. Tracked as bug #12480
    - Sounds like a bug somewhere near xt_geoip
    - Michael takes care of this
  2. Importing less inaccurate RIR data is almost done (bug #12458)
    - This solves complaints from 3rd parties


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