Get IPFire-3.x image

We provide early alpha development images for IPFire-3.x.

The images are for development and preview only. We do not provide support in this stage.


As stated the image represents an early alpha development state, so we do not provide an installer.

There several flavours and versions available so it may be tricky to choose the correct one. In the following section, there is an explanation which image you should choose.


The image filename following a rule which should be explained in short. A name has the following syntax:


Generally, these differences exist and needs to be noted:


version usage
a date like 20190127 (image was build on the 27th of January 2019) choose this version if you have problems with the latest version
latest (always points to the last build image) always choose this version, when you have no reason to choose another version


type usage
img Choose this type when you want to flash the image to a block device
qcow2 Choose this type when you want to use the image with KVM
vmdk Choose this type when you want to use the image with VMware
vdi Choose this type when you want to use the image with VirtualBox


So an the latest image for VirtualBox has this name:


When you have read the above section carefully you can download development images for IPFire-3.x from here:

IPFire-3.x images

If you just want to get an image here you can download:

lastest image for VirtualBox

lastest image for VMware

lastest image for KVM
lastest image for flashing

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