Append a network-to-network connection

The checkbox for "OpenVPN on RED" should be activated and the server should be running.

In case that OpenVPN will be established for the first time, the server certificates (root and host) needs to be created, otherwise no connections can be applied. How this can be done, can be found in here.

Add a new connection

The network-to-network configuration takes place in a separate area and is at the first sight in the OpenVPN webinterface not to be seen. In the field "Client status and control" is the possibility by clicking the "Add" button to create and activate a network-to-network connection.

This will open a field for the selection of the "connection type" .

Selection of the connection typ

In this window they are three different options to select the OpenVPN connection type. Whereby only two options (in the bottom) are applicable for the configuration of the Net-to-Net connection.

  1. The Roadwarrior:
  • Host-to-Net Virtual Private Network (Roadwarrior):
    This option is for the creation of Roadwarrior connections and in this connection it won´t be used. For more information about this type of connection, take a look to Configure OpenVPN for a Client-to-Side connection .

Import Connection Name = This field can be used to rename client connections.

  • "2. Net-to-Net Virtual Private Network"
    This option should be selected if this IPFire also assumes the TLS-server function. After configuring this section, a client .zip package can be created in which are all relevant data such as the configuration file and all certificates to construct the tunnel. After selecting the menu item, the configuration area will be opened by clicking the "Add" button.
    Refer to Configure OpenVPN as a Net-to-Net as a TLS-server.

  • "3. Net-to-Net Virtual Private Network (Upload Client Package)"
    This radio button should be selected if the TLS server is already configured and the *.zip package on the client is present and ready to import to TLS-client side.

  • Import Connection Name - In this field you can specify an optional name for client connections.

At this time spaces, numbers or special characters are not accepted in this field.

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