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Log Settings

This page has the options for IPFire's logs.


Log viewing options

These options change how logs are displayed in the web user interface.

  • Check the box to show the most recent log entries at the top of the page (reverse chronological order)
  • Set the number of log entries displayed on each page

Log summaries

  • Change how long log files are kept
  • Set the detail level for logs FIXME Explain the effects of this setting!

Remote logging

  • Set up remote logging. Send syslog messages to another server

Log settings for /var/log/messages

These settings change which events appear in the primary system log.

The text field allows you to change which program entries (known as “facilities”) appear in the log. It also allows the severity for each program entry to be set individually, in case you wish to only see Error-level messages from one program, while you would like to see full Debug messages from another.

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