This section is used to add an unlimited amount of custom networks. The defined networks can be grouped with additional networks or host entries for a later usage on different firewall rules.


The name of the network can be chosen freely, but requires to be unique on the system. Allowed characters are upper- and lowercase letters, digits, space and dashes.

Network address

The given network address has to be a valid IPv4 subnet without netmask - for example


The netmask or subnetmask of an IPv4 network is a descriptor for the size of the network. It also can be used to divide a network into two or more networks. The used subnetmask can be specified in dotted-decimal notation (e.g. /24) or in classless_inter-domain_routing (e.g.


As an optional feature you can add a remark.

On the listing, some more items are displayed. The column Used shows how often a created network entry is used as part of a network group or firewall rule.

The yellow pencil offers the ability to edit the content of an entry. With the trash icon an existing and unused entry can be deleted.

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