Blue Access

The BLUE interface is designed to separate the LAN from the Wireless LAN (or "WLAN").

By default, IPFire controls the access of all devices on blue using MAC Address filtering. This means that all DHCP leases must be manually approved in the IPFire Web User Interface before they can access the network (including access the WUI from blue network itself) and gain internet access. This filtering is separate to any wireless passphrase which you have applied in IPFire; or to any passphrase or MAC address filtering which may be set up on any external Wi-Fi access point.

Example (without DHCP on blue): 00:13:02:XX:XX:XX is the WLAN-clients MAC address and the client should use the IP

Access this page via menu Firewall --> Blue Access

  • Click Enabled
  • Click Add and the client will be able to access the internet.

Disable MAC Address filtering

To disable MAC address filtering and allow all clients connected to blue internet access do the following on the Wireless Configuration page:

  • Entering the blue subnet into the Source IP field and leave the Source MAC Address field blank
  • Enter the network address and the subnet mask of the blue network interface in CIDR notation. For example for a subnet with a range of addresses from to

Note - Disabling MAC address filtering does not disable WLAN encryption

Deny blue clients access to the IPFire web interface

If no blue network clients should have access to the web interface, add the following lines to the file: /etc/sysconfig/firewall.local.

## Start rule
iptables -A CUSTOMINPUT -s -p tcp -d --dport 444 -j DROP

## Stop rule
iptables -D CUSTOMINPUT -s -p tcp -d --dport 444 -j DROP

Allowing Clients on Blue Network to Connect to Green Network

By default, the firewall will not allow traffic from the Blue network to pass through to the Green network. If you wish to allow traffic to pass through from the Blue network to the Green network, you must create a firewall rule to allow that traffic. See Creating a Blue to Green Pinhole.

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