sysbench is a scriptable multi-threaded benchmark tool. 1


sysbench can be installed with the Pakfire web interface or via the console:

pakfire install sysbench


There is no web interface for this Addon. To run this Addon open the client console or terminal and access the IPFire box via SSH.

To obtain a list of possible options:

sysbench --help


sysbench cpu help


CPU Benchmark

Benchmark CPU performance as follows:

sysbench cpu --cpu-max-prime=20000 run

Memory Benchmark

Read memory performance:

sysbench --test=memory --memory-block-size=1K --memory-scope=global --memory-total-size=100G --memory-oper=read run

Write memory performance:

sysbench --test=memory --memory-block-size=1K --memory-scope=global --memory-total-size=100G --memory-oper=write run
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