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IPFire is a security platform (router and firewall) which can easily be extended and further hardened with Addons. Through these addons a basic IPFire install can be quickly scaled up to a much more complex and customizable system.

IPFire has an easy to use package system called Pakfire which is used to manage updates and addons.

Addons tagged "Testing"

While most addons below are stable (that is, they have been tested and found to have no siginficant errors) some are marked as TESTING. These addons have not yet been thoroughly tested or may not be stable. There are a number of reasons that an addon may still be marked with the TESTING tag. Often it is because the developers may not have a wide range of hardware to test with.

Help us help you! Be a hero and help test addons. See testing or browse the Development forum.

Tip All well documented addons are included on this page, however there are more available in the complete list of all addons which may not have been tested yet or lack documentation.

Major IPFire Addons


  • Use tor to browse the internet anonymously

File Server

  • ownCloud allows you to access your files anywhere on the web from your computer or mobile devices
  • Samba is a file server for Microsoft Windows or heterogeneous networks
  • NFS is a file server for Linux and UNIX systems
  • CUPS is a standard, open source, printing system over the network
  • Sane allows you to scan documents over the network with a webinterface
  • Tftpd adds a tftp server
  • TinyWebGalerie adds a web gallery which can be accessed from the LAN or internet

WiFi access point


Complex IPFire addons which turn your IPFire system in to a backup server.

  • BackupPC provides a network backup solution with web interface
  • Dirvish is a backup script for IPFire with significant functionality


IRC Proxy

  • miau a proxy and “bouncer” for IRC

Mail Server

Database Server

  • MySQL is an open-source relational database management system
  • phpMyAdmin (COMMING SOON) is an open-source tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL with the use of a web browser


Peer to Peer clients

  • RTorrent is a small and fast bittorrent client
  • Transmission, a bittorrent client with web interface

Voice over IP

  • Asterisk is an excellent Voice over IP (VoIP) exchange.
  • Teamspeak is a voice chat system, similar to a conference call, which is popular for online gaming. (Note: It is also possible to install a Teamspeak 3 Server with IPFire)


  • MPFire (TESTING) adds jukebox features to IPfire.
  • Icecast streams the output of MPFire to the network.
  • Gnump3d is a server for streaming MP3- and OGG-files.
  • Video Disc Recorder / VDR is a video recording / streaming server for digital TV cards.
  • miniupnpd is a lightweight implementation of a UPnP IGD daemon.
  • MiniDLNA/ReadyMedia (TESTING) is a simple media server software, with the aim of being fully compliant with DLNA/UPnP-AV clients.


Shell tools

Tools for the IPFire Console or to use through a Secure Shell connection.

Network tools

  • bwm-ng is a bandwidth monitor
  • fping works like ping, but can be used eg. for scanning of complete networks
  • iftop is a realtime bandwidth monitor
  • iperf allows you to test your network speed (LAN or WLAN)
  • iptraf-ng is a console based network statistic monitoring utility.
  • keepalived can be used for virtual services and 1st hop redundancy (VRRP)
  • mtr combines the functions of traceroute and ping in one tool
  • multicat FIXME collection of tools to work on and manipulate multicast streams
  • nmap is a versatile (and powerful) IP/port scanner
  • nginx is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a mail proxy server
  • tcpdump is a tool to watch and control your network connections
  • tcpick is a libpcap based textmode sniffer for TCP streams
  • traceroute is a network tool used to follow your packets through the internet
  • netcat is a network tool for reading and writing to network connections using TCP/UDP

Other tools

Tools to be used on the IPFire Console or through a Secure Shell connection.

  • centerIM FIXME is a lightweight IM client for Linux
  • htop is a process viewer similar to “top” but with many more features
  • igmpproxy is a simple multicast routing daemon based on mrouted
  • lcd4linux grabs information and displays it on an external liquid crystal display
  • mc the good old Midnight Commander; an easy to use file manager
  • nano is a text editor, much easier to use than VI
  • ncftp is an enhanced FTP client that can automate many of the login steps
  • net-snmp is a snmp implementation amd more advanced than the basic snmpd
  • rsync is a file copying and backup utility
  • tmux is a terminal multiplexer for the console
  • vsftpd is a GPL licensed FTP server for UNIX systems, including Linux

System Monitoring

  • Cacti creates customizable graphs of network data (using RRDtool and SNMP)
  • Nagios is powerful tool for the monitoring of complex IT infrastructure
  • swatch is a simple log watcher. It analyzes log files and can trigger email alerts
  • Check_mk General purpose Nagios/Icinga plugin for retrieving data
  • watchdog is a service which can automatically restart IPFire in the event of a failure
  • Monit is a small utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems

Proxy enhancements

  • Sarg A graffical analysis tool for proxy reports, which can be used over the webinterface.
  • Squid-accounting A graphical webinterface for measuring traffic per host/user and the ability to generate bills.

UPS tools

Software to gracefully shut down IPFire if a connected UPS runs low on power.

  • Apcupsd used for APC-branded uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • NUT (Network UPS Tools) provides monitoring and control of many uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)

User Interface Changes

  • SideMenu EX is a complex extension of IPFire's Side menus


IPFire as virtualization host

  • Qemu provides virtualization for IPFire, so that it can host guest OSses.
  • libvirt a toolkit to manage VMs on IPFire

IPFire as virtualization guest

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