mDNS repeater

What is mDNS Repeater ?

mDNS-repeater is a Multicast DNS repeater for Linux. This program re-broadcasts mDNS packets from one interface to other interfaces.

This works with Apple devices such as an iPhone and Apple TV. And with Chromecast.


mDNS-repeater is installed with the Pakfire web interface or via the console:

pakfire install mDNS-repeater


mdns-repeater only requires the interface names and it will do the rest. The ipfire standard installation defines blue0 for the wireless interface and green0 as the internal LAN interface.

mdns-repeater green0 blue0

By specifying the -f flag for debugging, packets are printed as they are received.

Small example with debug flag:

[root@ipfire ~]# mdns-repeater -f green0 blue0

mdns-repeater: dev green0 addr mask net
mdns-repeater: dev blue0 addr mask net
data from= size=169
repeating data to green0
data from= size=540
repeating data to blue0
data from= size=357
repeating data to blue0
data from= size=353
repeating data to blue0
[root@ipfire ~]# 

Start / Stop / Restart / Status

[root@ipfire ~]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/mdns-repeater 
Usage: /etc/rc.d/init.d/mdns-repeater {start|stop|restart|status}

Firewall Rule

example firewall rule
example firewall rule

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