The IPFire Project is running its own account system for users and developers. That way a single account allows you to log in to many services around the project.

These pages document how to use the IPFire Project's services when you are enabled for it.

IMAP Server
IMAP Port  993
SMTP Server
SMTP Port 465
Sieve Server
Sieve Port 5190
Connection security SSL/TLS (not STARTTLS)
Authentication method Password, normal

All services use implicit TLS according to RFC 8314 and require TLS 1.2 or better.

Consult the Postmaster information for further technical details on the mail infrastructure.

Sources of brute force attacks will be blocked automatically.

Web Access

There is a web interface available at to read your mail.


To check if the mail server is locked:

openssl s_client -connect

openssl s_client -connect
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