What is IPFire?

IPFire is a dedicated firewall that can be installed in any network - from data center down to your home. It is secure, fast and very versatile. Besides from being a stateful inspection firewall it can work as a VPN gateway, analyse data packets with its Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and comes with many Add-ons that extend its functionality further.

Who is IPFire for?

IPFire is known to run

  • in data centres forwarding tens of gigabit a second
  • in businesses from hundreds of employees down to home office workers
  • as an IoT gateway in industrial applications
  • at home

You will need some basic knowledge about how computer networks work and the team behind IPFire is kindly asking you to take security seriously. Please invest some time into researching best practises to get the most out of IPFire. All you need to know is to find in this wiki.

IPFire can be installed within minutes and is configured over a web user interface.



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