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In progress

Proxy documentation

Maintainer: ummeegge
Progress: 95%

The proxy documentation is quite outdated and not very complete. I would like to improve it by giving it a complete new information, but also to transfer the good informations from the old knowledge of the old Wiki to the new one. All functions will be tested to save the quest of the quality management.


*"Mime-Type Filter" Are currently in working Progress
* "Privacy"--> needs to be made
* "Local user authentication" --> needs to be made
* "example configs" --> More information are important. Also some other hardware perspectives might be a good idea <--> then the design of this site needs to be considered. But i think this can be developed also by the community while it is online.
* I need to double check the "http://wiki.ipfire.org/nonpublic/de/configuration/network/proxy/wui_conf/access" section. The design aren´t conform to the rest, also the Screenshoots needs to be made more simple.
* Need to look for adjustments this site --> http://wiki.ipfire.org/nonpublic/de/configuration/network/proxy/wui_conf/redirect isn´t complete.
* Name space needs to be made shortend, also there are 2 times configuration in it, needs to be fixed.

A Please for help

It might be great if some one can help out with the user authentication ecspecially for "identd", "LDAP", "Windows", "Radius".

Potential bugs
  • Classroom extensions: Old Groups aren´t deleted under /var/ipfire/proxy/advanced/acls/src_noaccess_ip/mac.acl
  • "Cache administrator e-mail" only works (with space between the words the last word are ignored) with normal word not with e-mail addresses, may the language file could be adjusted ?
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