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The IPFire Documentation Project

Who are we?

The IPFire Documentation Project takes care of several text parts of the distribution. Since this is a german project, a lot of users write new ideas and how-tos in german for the wiki. We try to translate them also to english cause people from other countries uses the english part as a template for other languages. So it would be a great support if people with other native languages (above all, english) should take part in the team.

Current coordinator: —

For help, discussions and organisation about this topic the Documentation mailinglist (link to subscribe) are our platform.

What do we do?

  • Keep the documentation about IPFire itself up.
  • Primary targets are the english wiki to keep the knowledge transfer for other languages easy.
  • There are a lot of addons, we try to document them step by step. A list can be found here.
  • Give some older wikis new structures so that the amount of information (which is increasing) should be easier to find.
  • Extracting knowledge from the forum to the wiki to keep new community know-how.
  • Write complex ideas as a handout for developers.

Skills you have or want to learn

  • Writing texts and improving grammar.
  • Native speaker for especially english/american but also french, spanish, indonesian, danish and russian.
  • Deeper knowledge of IPFire itself and pleasure of testing new wiki sections of their functionality.
  • Verbalize complex ideas

Tasks that fit

  • Documentation/Wiki
  • Documentation of process
  • News/Release notes


We work on the documenation by strictly following our Documentation Workflow. This helps us to keep a certain level of quality in everything that is written on this wiki.

Wiki guideline

IPFire has a few guidelines of how articles should looks like. These guidelines should be used to find a practical way of how to work with another.

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