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We no longer separate between community and core devs
# IPFire Core Developers
## Criteria for being a core developer
* Permanent contribution to the IPFire project itself (either IPFire 2.x or 3.x).
* At least 6 months continuous work.
* Mentoring the [IPFire Community Developers](./community).
* Participating in team meetings.
## Tasks that IPFire Core Developers do
* Lots of development.
* Review & merge of contributions by community developers.
* Building the roadmap.
## Members
* [Michael Tremer](michael.tremer@ipfire.org)
* [Christian Schmidt](christian.schmidt@ipfire.org)
* [Arne Fitzenreiter](arne.fitzenreiter@ipfire.org)
* [Stefan Schantl](stefan.schantl@ipfire.org)