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IPFire Community

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We no longer separate between community and core devs
# IPFire Community Developers
FIXME Fill in a description and how to apply to become a Community Developer.
## Members
### Active
* [Ben Schweikert](ben.schweikert@ipfire.org) (trikolon)
* [Dirk Wagner](dirk.wagner@ipfire.org) (glotzi)
* [Alfred Haas](alfred.haas@ipfire.org) (mad)
* [Daniel Weismüller](daniel.weissmueller@ipfire.org) (Whytea)
* [Heiner Schmeling](heiner.schmeling@ipfire.org) (cm)
* [Stefan Pampel](stefan.pampel@ipfire.org) (Farnsworth)
* [Mathias Schneuwlys](mathias@schneuwlys.ch) (metti)
* [Jan Lentfer](jan.lentfer@web.de) (lentferj)
### Inactive
* [Peter Pfeiffer](peter.pfeiffer@ipfire.org) (peterman)
* [Marcus Scholz](marcus.scholz@ipfire.org) (Commander1024)
* [Peter Schälchli](peter.schaelchli@ipfire.org) (scp)
* [Maurice Meeden](maurice.meden@ipfire.org) (moe)
* [Michel Schaaf](michel.schaaf@ipfire.org) (xpapa)
* [René Zingel](rene.zingel@ipfire.org) (linuxadmin)
* [Jan Tücking](jan.tuecking@ipfire.org) (earl)