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# How to join the IPFire Community?
We are constantly looking for skilled coders, translators, web-developers, and designers. Contact us, join us and make the project sparkle with your new and fresh ideas. For details, see below.
## Create content
[The IPFire Documentation Project](/projects/docs) | [The IPFire News Project](./news)
**Skills you have or want to learn:**
* Writing texts and improving grammar
* Verbalize complex ideas
* Wiki formatting
**Tasks that fit:**
* Documentation/Wiki
* Documentation of process
* News/Release notes
## Development
[IPFire Core Developers](./development_core) | [IPFire Community Developers](./development_community)
**Skills you have or want to learn:**
* Creation of a Linux based OS
* Deep knowledge of networking stuff
* Working in a wide-spread team
* Programming in Python, Bash, C, C++, Perl
## Design
[The IPFire Design Project](./design)
**Skills you have or want to learn:**
* Design with Inkscape, GIMP, OOo
* Usability and user interaction
**Tasks that fit:**
* Banners/Flyers
* T-Shirts/CD-Covers
* Themes for the WUI
* Design publications/press releases
* Web design
* Icons
* Stylesheets
## Get in touch
[The IPFire Documentation Project](/projects/docs) | [The IPFire Mentors Project](./mentors) | [The IPFire Ambassadors Project](./ambassadors)
**Skills you have or want to learn:**
* Sociableness
* Support for end-users
* Enthusiasm
**Tasks that fit:**
* Become an [ambassador](./ambassadors)
* Spread IPFire
* Become a [mentor](./mentors)
* Provide support on the forum and/or IRC
## Translate
[The IPFire Translation Project](./translate)
**Skills you have or want to learn:**
* English
* Foreign languages
* Technical knowledge
**Tasks that fit:**
* Marketing
* Documentation
* Translate applications
* Localization
## Web engineering
[The IPFire Web Team](./web) | [The IPFire Design Project](./design)
**Skills you have or want to learn:**
* Python
* Developing applications for the internet
* Server administration
**Tasks that fit:**
* Creating websites/applications
* Stylesheets
* Design