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# Optimization
On these pages you will find some suggestions and assistance to optimize IPFire. By optimization we mean customization to some special application. There will be no drawback by using the addons without these customizations.
## Security
* [IPFire Security Hardening Guide](/optimization/start/security_hardening) - IPFire is designed to be secure by default, but this guide has steps you can follow to add further protection to your IPFire server and your entire network
* [ Create a new SSL certificate](./ssl_cert) - For any subsequent changes of host and/or domain it might be important to create a new SSL certificate.
## Network
* Configure a [VLAN](/optimization/vlan)
* Install a [Mail Proxy](/optimization/mailproxy)
* Add your own [Snort Rules](/optimization/idsrules)
* [](Using extra ports as a network switch)
* [](Traverse Net-to-Net VPN from Road Warrior)
* [](Setting up DMZ)
* [](/optimization/using_extra_ports_as_a_network_switch)
* [](/optimization/traverse_net-to-net_vpn_from_road_warrior)
* [](/optimization/setting_up_dmz)
## Memory and Storage management
* Customise [shm](/optimization/shm) (virtual memory) when using IPFire as a [virtualization host](/addons/start#virtualization).
* Partial [outsourcing](/optimization/outsourcing) of IPFire file system on a file server
* When using a CF card, transfer [logging to an external hard drive](/optimization/transfer_logs).
* Automatic backup of [IPFire on an external USB hard drive.](/optimization/usb-harddisk)
## Miscellaneous
* Youtube [Performance](/configuration/network/proxy/ext_info/opti) improvement, when using squidclamav and the [Proxy](/configuration/network/proxy)
* [NFS](/optimization/nfs)-Drives from other Networks in IPFire mount
* Add a [System-User](/optimization/system/user)
* Automatic backup with [rsync](/addons/rsync) and [USB-Harddisk](/optimization/USB-Harddisk).
* In here are a collection of user [Scripts](/optimization/scripts).