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Differences in Revisions: IPFire Security Hardening Guide

Older Revision
August 12 at 2:27 am
Newer Revision
August 12 at 2:59 am
# IPFire Security Hardening Guide
## Introduction
IPFire is designed to be secure by default, however it can be further hardened so that it is even more difficult to attack. Hardening includes;
- [](/optimization/start/security_hardening/good_security_practice)
- [](/optimization/start/security_hardening/additional_security_configuration)
- and [](/optimization/start/security_hardening/reducing_attack_surface) by disabling features which are not in use.
Please discuss changes to this guide [in this post in the forum](https://forum.ipfire.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=15151).
## Implementation Scale
This guide uses two scales:
| | | | |
| **Impact** (security benefit) |**<span style="color:lime">A. MAJOR</span>**|**<span style="color:mediumseagreen">B. SIGNIFICANT</span>**|**<span style="color:darkseagreen">C. MINOR</span>**|
| **Effort** (to implement) |**<span style="color:orangered">1. LOW</span>**|**<span style="color:coral">2. MEDIUM</span>**|**<span style="color:crimson">3. HIGH</span>**|
## Scale examples
For example, items which are categorized
| Impact | Effort |
| **<span style="color:lime">A. MAJOR</span>** | **<span style="color:orangered">1. LOW</span>** |
are highly recommended, as they are both easy to implement and have a high security benefit.
While items which are
|**<span style="color:darkseagreen">C. MINOR</span>**|**<span style="color:crimson">3. HIGH</span>**|
will be helpful, but need only done for a high-risk environment or if you are a bit paranoid!
**Next Page: [](/optimization/start/security_hardening/good_security_practice)**