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Differences in Revisions: Apply /dev/shm

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# Apply /dev/shm
<note>This adjustment can be apply on every IPFire-system since version 2.x.</note>
The Shared Memory Device */dev/shm*,*shm* = shared memory) is disabled since version 2.3 on IPFire. Some Addons such as [Qemu](/en/addons/qemu) uses **/dev/shm***. If multiple [VMs](wp>VMware) run at the same time you should adapt the size of **/dev/shm*** accordingly.
Loggon to IPFire directly or via [SSH](wp>ssh), and change the following line in */etc/fstab*"
<box 95% round green|File: /etc/fstab>
shm /dev/shm tmpfs default 0 0
<box 95% round green|File: /etc/fstab>
shm /dev/shm tmpfs size=528m 0 0
shm /dev/shm tmpfs size=512m 0 0
After restarting the IPFire or remount the device the size of shared memory is raised up to 512 MB.
to remount the device type
`mount -o remount /dev/shm`
<note important>Ensures that at least that much memory is available!</note>