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Scripts collection

Scripts collection for various situations. The scripts have been created by users of the forum and are available to the general public to extend, improve and use them naturally.

script name description
gpg encryption Encrypt attachments with gpg on IPFire
System Status Here, the system state is written cyclically via script in a text file and sent by email
network monitoring Via SSH a script call then the topic specific of add-ons (e.g., here network monitoring) opens
Status Tool Fire-Dialog Check the status of the IPFire in real time with dialog
OpenVPN Status Over the SSH-Script you can check the OpenVPN basic functions and message
OpenVPN Cert Status Over the Script you can check the OpenVPN Cert (Roadwarrior) lifetime
PeerGuardian Manage IP Blacklists and block at the IPFire
Examine countries with Tor relays Useful for setting up GeoIP firewall rules without blocking TOR traffic
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