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Step 4: Initial setup

In this step, you will set up the most essential configuration which will bring your IPFire system on to the network.

Keyboard layout & Timezone

First pick your keyboard layout and the timezone you are in.

Choose your keyboard layout

Choose your current time zone

Hostname & Domainname

In the next two diaglogs you will need to enter the hostname and domainname of your new IPFire installation.

Choose the hostname for IPFire box


On the two following screens, you will have to provide passwords for the root and admin users. The admin password is required to access the web user interface and the root account is used for command line login only.

You won't see any characters displayed when typing the password.

 Choose the root password

Please pick a strong password as the security of the IPFire system depends on it!

Network configuration

After that, you have finished the initial setup and the system will boot up. Go on with Step 5: Network Setup.

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