How to choose a password

Passwords are a very important security issue. The more interesting a target behind the password is, the more people will try to hack it.

You can find out passwords by either peering on the writers fingers, which is pretty easy with the password "aaa", or by repeated trial.
Computers can do this much faster then people. Because if your password only got 3 letters, a computer can discover the it in less than 1 second.
The main advantage of passwords are its length. If a password has more digits, the computer has to do more trial-and-error, which costs time. Down below you'll a figure where you can se how long it takes to guess a password with a certain number of digits.
You need to pay attention to that the passwords are not too easy and dont make any sense at all. "testtesttesttes" got 15 digits, but will under guarantee be guessed within 2 seconds.
You should use ', all letters from a-z/A-Z and all numbers from 0-9'. You can also add special characters.
Those who lack the imagination to wildly press all keys on the keyboard can use a pogram like this - TWPassGen or use the following method:

How to create a password

As allready mentioned a password should have no recognizable structure. This statement has to be relativated - the password should have no machine-readable structure. It doesnt matter how your assocaiations to a password are. This gives you unexpected freedom: When you f.ex. need a password for a shell-account or webshop, look around you. Take the first object you can create a sentence of and create a password of the first leters of every word in that sentence. With the sentence "I dont like to talk on the phone nore do I do it very often" it would be "Idlttotpndidivo". This allready looks promissing. Now capitalize every n-th letter, f.ex. every 3rd: "IdLttOtpNdiDivO". Now look which letters look like numbers: f.ex. a "O" looks like a "0" (Zero), a "I" looks like a "1" and substitute the letters with numbers: "1dltt0tpNdiD1v0". Now you have a wonderfull password which you easily can remember with this mnemonic trick.

Elapsed time to hack a password

Minimum length maximum(!) needed time
3 characters ca. 0,2 seconds
5 characters ca. 14 minutes
8 characters ca. 53252 hours
10 characters ca. 1 179 469 weeks
12 characters ca. 84 168 853 years
15 characters ca. 19 104 730 610 573 years

Password settings


The root password cannot be changed in the Webinterface! You have to run the "setup" command either from the console or by using SSH-Session via Putty. Then choose the "root-Passwort" command and press "OK". Then you will be pompted to enter the password twice. "OK" ends this setting.

Lost root-password

If you lose the root-password, all you can do is to reinstall the system.


The admin-password has to be changed via a putty-session, just like the root-password.

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