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Migrating to new hardware

Change one or more NICs

Open a CLI and start the setup-wizard.


First you have to remove the obsolete NICs before you are able to assign the new ones.

Change the mainboard

If you change you mainboard the sensor-chips will usually change too. So it is necessary to rescan for sensor-chips and remove obsolete rrd-files.

Rescan for sensors


Follow the dialogue to generate a new configfile (/etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors).

To remove the obsolete sensors from the list of selectable sensors on the webif you have to remove the obsolete folders (sensors-*) from “/var/log/rrd/collectd/localhost” .

Important! You have to stop collectd before you change the rrd data, see below.

RRD-Graphs are wrong

Stop collectd:

/etc/init.d/collectd stop

You have to remove the “old” rrd-files within the folders “/var/log/rrd” and subfolders.

Now you have to start the “collectd”

/etc/init.d/collectd start

Finally a reboot is recommend.

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