Amazon Web Services

Lightning Wire Labs offers an IPFire Cloud Image that has been optimised to run on the Amazon Cloud. For any questions or support regarding IPFire on AWS, please contact the Lightning Wire Labs support team.


This is a comprehensive installation guide that explains how to set up a new VPC with IPFire. The VPC will have an internal and public subnet, and IPFire will handle all traffic between the two subnets - or your internal servers and the Internet.

You will need a fully activated and functioning AWS account. You can sign up for one at It is also helpful to have some understanding of AWS EC2 and VPCs.

First, pick an availability zone before you start creating your infrastructure and then follow these steps:

Additional steps:


Why use IPFire in the Cloud?

Although EC2 comes with many great network functionalities, they can be complicated to use and are often expensive. IPFire provides those features out of the box at no extra licensing cost and can be administered just as you do it in your own data center.

Most common use cases are:

  • Use IPFire to connect your infrastructure in the Cloud with your office (via IPsec or OpenVPN)
  • Give people or IoT devices access to the infrastructure on the go with roadwarrior VPNs (e.g. using OpenVPN)
  • Use IPFire as a reverse-proxy for your farm of web-servers (with haproxy or nginx)
  • Use IPFire to monitor traffic and detect any attempts of intrusion
  • and many more...
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