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Differences in Revisions: Architecture Change

# Architecture Change
You can restore a backup created on a system with a different architecture. However, you will have to delete the graph databases which are architecture-dependant and need to be recreated.
Do so by executing the following commands after restoring the backup:
`/etc/init.d/collectd stop`
/etc/init.d/collectd stop
`/etc/init.d/vnstat stop`
/etc/init.d/vnstat stop
rm -rf /var/log/rrd/*
rm -rf /var/log/rrd/*
rm -f /var/log/vnstat/*
rm -f /var/log/vnstat/*
`/etc/init.d/collectd start`
/etc/init.d/collectd start
`/etc/init.d/vnstat start`
/etc/init.d/vnstat start