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# Hardware
IPFire is very versatile and running on many different kinds of hardware. Those can be 19"-rack-mounted servers as well as small boxes that fit on the palm of a hand.
## Requirements (Recommended)
| Processor | x86 CPU with 1 GHz or better or a [supported ARM SBC](./arm) |
| --- | --- |
| Memory | 1GB or greater |
| Storage | at least 4GB of harddisk storage |
| Network | at least two Ethernet network adapters |
Read more about [](./requirements) of IPFire.
## Hardware Mythbusters
A collection of articles explains which hardware features are desirable for IPFire and which hardware should be avoided to not risk any hardware failures or bad performance.
* [](./mythbusters)
## Ready Systems
* [](./lightningwirelabs)
* [](./lightningwirelabs/enterprise)
* [](./lightningwirelabs/business)
* [](./lightningwirelabs/mini)
* [](./pcengines)
## Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCLs)
### Platforms
Basically any x86 based system (with AMD or Intel processor) works very well with IPFire. The [](./arm) architecture however is not that compatible. Please check out which single board computers are supported and which not in the [](./arm) hardware section.
### Components
* [](./networking)
* [](./mass-storage)
* [](./cryptography)
* [](./rng)