Hardware Mythbusters

Finding the perfect hardware to run IPFire is a difficult ask. These guides should explain what features are important and which are not. What is marketing and what is really making a difference.

Don't trust the vendors. Duh.

The main message that is important to keep in mind is: Don't trust the vendors. They obviously have an interest to up-sell their products. They put nice labels on the box to make you believe that there are features inside should pay extra for.

This is rather obvious, but all the other arguments can be boiled down to this simple argument. The goal here is to collect information to educate everyone to be able to select their own set of features that they really need and that they should consider to pay extra for and look behind what the buzzwords really mean.

We also collect benchmarks of commonly used IPFire hardware in the hardware section of this wiki which should allow everyone to compare performance and select the right size of hardware appliance.


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