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Lightning Wire Labs

Lightning Wire Labs is the company behind the flagship series of IPFire appliances. They are developing reference hardware that has been optimised to work perfectly together with IPFire.

Rack-mount appliances

For deployments in larger companies and authorities, or in schools with hundreds of students accessing the Internet, there are rack-mountable appliances available that get the maximum out of IPFire and being power-efficient at the same time.

SOHO appliances

For small businesses, home offices or remote offices, a series of smaller appliances is available that bring the full set of features of IPFire in a small form-factor.

Cloud Appliances

Virtual appliances are also available on Amazon Web Services.

Comparison Chart

IPFire Premium Appliance IPFire Professional Appliance IPFire Eco Appliance IPFire Duo Box
Revision Rev 1.1 Rev 3.0 Rev 4.0 Rev 2.0
Processor Series Intel Xeon Intel Core i3 Intel Celeron Intel Broadwell1)
Memory 16 GB 8 GB 4 GB 2 GB2)
Ethernet Adapters 4x 1G 4x 1G 4x 1G 2x 1G
Throughput3) ~940 MBit/s ~940 MBit/s ~940 MBit/s ~940 MBit/s
AES 256 CBC ~520 MByte/s ~400 MByte/s ~20 MByte/s ~93 MByte/s
AES 256 GCM ??? ??? ??? ~89 MByte/s
Power Consumption
Typical Load ~29 W ~29 W ~13 W ~6 W
Full Load ~95 W ~48 W ~27 W ~10 W


Are any of the appliances vulnerable to Meltdown/Spectre/etc?

Yes, some of the appliances are affected. There is an extra page that lists which appliances is affected by which vulnerability and how they are mitigated.

Intel Broadwell 3215U @ 1.7 GHz
IPFire Duo Box Business comes with 4GB of memory
per NIC, bidirectional
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