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IPFire Nano Box

Available for pre-order now, shipped in Q4/2018. Please enquire at

This is the codename for a new ARM-based IoT-sized appliance which is not released, yet. It will come in an industrial aluminium case in a small form-factor to be installed anywhere you need network connectivity. The system withstands great heat and cold to even run under toughest conditions.

With an optional WiFi module and LTE module, the device can connect to a mobile/cellular network and provide network to local clients. It is able to transfer data at a speed of up to 100 MBit/s and can even encrypt them to send them through a secure VPN tunnel to your headquarters office or data centre.

The appliance has been officially announced on the Lightning Wire Labs Blog on May 30th, 2018 and is scheduled to be released in Q4 2018.


Rev 1.0 (not released, yet)
Processor Quad-Core Cortex-A7 @ 1.2 GHz
Memory 512 MB
Storage 8GB Flash
Ethernet 2x Fast Ethernet RJ45
WiFi optional (802.11abgn up to 300 MBit/s)
LTE/3G/GSM optional
Ports 2x USB 2.0, Serial Console
Dimensions 120x80x50 mm
Case Anodised aluminium, IP50, passively-cooled
Temperature Range 0-60°C
Input Voltage Wide-Band, 12-24V
Power Consumption ~2W



To perform these benchmarks, the IPFire Nano Box was directly connected to an IPFire Duo Box via a switch.

The system achieves the practical maximum of a 100 MBit/s link in full-duplex mode with average CPU utilization of around 40% on one core.

Client connecting to, TCP port 5001
TCP window size:  187 KByte (default)
[  6] local port 34260 connected with port 5001
[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth
[  6]  0.0-30.0 sec   291 MBytes  81.3 Mbits/sec
[  4]  0.0-30.1 sec   327 MBytes  91.2 Mbits/sec


A direct IPsec connection was established over LAN and bandwidth was tested with iperf in half-duplex mode. Payload compression was disabled (default).

Cipher Suite Bandwidth
ChaCha20-Poly1305 80 MBit/s
AES-256-GCM 40 MBit/s
AES-256-CBC/SHA512 27 MBit/s
AES-256-CBC/SHA256 43 MBit/s
CAMELLIA-256-CBC/SHA512 27 MBit/s
AES-128-GCM 41 MBit/s
AES-128-CBC/SHA512 28 MBit/s
AES-128-CBC/SHA256 44 MBit/s
CAMELLIA-128-CBC/SHA256 51 MBit/s

OpenSSL Speed

OpenSSL speedtest (-evp 16K)

Cipher Suite kBytes
ChaCha20-Poly1305 23962.28
AES-256-GCM 6542.68
AES-256-CBC 13063.51
CAMELLIA-256-CBC 18641.59
AES-128-GCM 7517.04
AES-128-CBC 17580.03
CAMELLIA-128-CBC 23926.10
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