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We are working on a arm-port to run IPFire on Pandaboard. This port is mainly as development and build environment.

Technichal data

CPU: TI Omap4 (1000Mhz armv7l) Dual Core
Storage: SD/SDHC-Card Slot
1x WLAN/Bluetooth
1x Fast Ethernet LAN
2x USB 2.0 HiSpeed
2x HDMI (only one Port is Suppored by IPFire)
2x 3.5mm Audio (in/out) not supported by IPFire

IPFire Images

To use this you need experience with Pandaboard. It is not ready for end-user nor productive use. Video Output is not supported with IPFire

unpack this to a SD Card with

xzcat ipfire-2.21.2gb-ext4.armv5tel-full-coreXXX.img.xz > /dev/sd?

Ater this put it in you Pandaboard, connect Serial Console and boot it.

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