Lamobo R1

The Lamobo R1 is basically a BananaPi and a Broadcom VLAN Switch at one Board.

If you have an early version and you want to use the SATA port you should add some isolating tape (like in the picture) to protect the switch for short circuits. Later boards should have this already from manufacturer.

How to install IPFire on Lamobo R1 aka Banana Pi Router

Download the latest armv5tel IPFire image, unpack the Image to a (Micro)SD Card:

xzcat ipfire-2.21.2gb-ext4.armv5tel-full-core122.img.xz > /dev/mmcblk? 
#  (or /dev/sd? depends on you card reader)

Mount the root filesystem (3 Partition) and go to usr/share/u-boot/banana_pi folder and run:

dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/mmcblk? bs=1K seek=8

Mount the boot filesystem (1 Partition) and edit uENV.txt:


and set SERIAL-CONSOLE to OFF if you want to use HDMI/KEYBOARD instead of serial console.

Initial and Network Setup

The setup will start with 4 vlan interfaces (eth0.11 - eth0.14) which can be assigned to the colours. The eth0 itself must not be used. This Lan Port5 (the extra port) is used in tagged mode with all vlan's assigned.

The port numbers are as follows:

Port: Speaker LAN1 LAN2 LAN3 LAN4 LAN5 HDMI
VLAN#: 14 13 12 11

Hint! This layout has changed with IPFire 2.21 (because the switch drives has a new default config.)

The Lamobo R1 will not work on Telekom-BNG connections (most A/VDSL lines in germany) because it cannot use VLAN's on RED because the Switch is also VLAN based.
After ugrading to core159 you need to reconfigure the network because the kernel developers has changed the DSI switch configuration.

Serial Console setup:

  • GND (black) is on GPIO J12 / Pin 7 or 8
  • On GPIO J13: TX (white) Pin 2 and RX (green) Pin 1 (the three directly line up). See manual, last page.


  • Install and/ or open PuTTY
  • Select serial mode
  • Select serial line: /dev/ttyXYZN (you can find out XYZN via lsusb in console while attaching adaptor)
  • Select speed: 115200
  • Hit return and start your configuration as described in Step 4: Initial setup.
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