October 2nd, 2023


  • ExtraHD status
  • Core Update 180 Testing
  • Core Update 181
  • udev from systemd-utils as per Gentoo approach
  • Mailman 3 upgrade
  • pakfire-builder segmentation fault when building new package. Is this specific to the Arch Linux system


  • Michael
  • Adolf
  • Arne
  • Umberto
  • Jonatan
  • Peter



  • Seems to be almost done
  • Adolf requests to have the latest patches backported to 180 - Michael will take care of that
  • One remaining issue from Jon is still pending, but could be fixed in 181

Core Update 180

  • Everyone is happy with it. Could be released this week...

Core Update 181

  • Nothing major in the queue...
  • Beyond this, Adolf is going to look into OpenVPN 2.6


  • eudev is no longer maintained, Gentoo is moving to systemd-udev without the systemd part
  • Michael will check if this is an option for us, too

Mailman 3

  • Peter will update this tomorrow


  • Since a few changes ago, the process crashes really early on which is a blocker - Michael is working on this
  • There is a long list of bugs that has been collected over the time of the meetup which needs to be solved in order to keep moving on with development of the distribution
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