January 9th, 2023



  • Arne
  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Adolf


Core Update 173

  • Lots of package updates from Adolf
  • Kernel 6.1 from Arne
  • Peter is not quite done with merging all those patches because lack of time
  • OpenVPN-Authenticator Deadlock has been fixed
  • Peter wants to upgrade libloc, but there is an outstanding packaging bug


  • Remove it, since it is serving no purpose any more
  • One user requested to keep it - let's communicate that with him (Peter, #12900)

Abandoned Wiki Pages

  • Mail Server and Mail Proxy have been dropped because they require add-ons that were dropped a long time ago

Hosting Upgrade

  • One of the servers in HAJ is going to be upgraded
  • Quote on space is still pending
  • SSDs need to be tested to have enough I/O performance

IPFire Event

  • Looking at Berlin
  • Last two weekends in April 2023: 20-23rd, or 27-30th
  • Looking for sponsors!
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