September 12th, 2022 - God save the King


  • Feedback on OpenVPN + 2FA with Network Manager and OpenVPN for Android clients (Adolf)
  • Core Update 170 - careful at the doors, please stand back!
  • Core Update 171 and beyond
  • News from the Pakfire ecosystem
  • IPFire Blacklist?
  • Deleted GitHub repositories
  • Donation Fraud with Direct Debit + BitPay
  • QMI


  • Arne
  • Peter
  • Michael
  • Adolf
  • Daniel


Core Update 170

  • Only issue left is CUPS won't encrypt connections - #12924
  • The former update has been two months ago, so it is about time
  • Update scheduled for this week
  • Peter's VoIP issues are gone - presumable it was a suricata bug

Core Update 171

  • Adolf has updated Perl
  • Updated toolchain from Michael
  • libarchive has security issues (again)
  • The update is very small so far (~30 MiB)
  • u-boot: Arne is testing with the next RC which is scheduled to be released in October
  • The aim is to release this update fast
  • Adolf is going to update Python soon
  • Peter asked Michael to update Go and is looking for someone to update Lua
  • Michael is contributing QMI support


  • Adolf couldn't get it to work with neither NetworkManager or OpenVPN for Android
  • We should support "client-pending-auth", but it requires >= 2.5


  • Michael deleted most repositories because people ignore that we don't want any PRs
  • PRs can't be disabled
  • We don't think that we are gaining much visibility from this, but will keep the remaining repositories for the time being

Suricata 6

  • Flow Manager CPU load has been fixed (#12548):
  • We should upgrade to this as soon as possible, if it can be confirmed that those patches work with 6.0.6

Next Month's Call

... has been moved to October 10th, 2022.

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