August 2nd, 2021


  • Jitsi
  • The dial code is 227311


  • Arne
  • Adolf
  • Michael
  • Stefan


  • Core Update 158
  • Core Update 159
  • Core Update 160...
  • Changelogs
    • Do we need to list all packages? Does that deliver anything to the user?


Core Update 158

It took long; Some people experienced issues with directory permissions; hopefully a hot fix covers this

Core Update 159

  • Version Bumped to 2.27
  • Safe-guard for permissions issue; needs survey of people who have been affected before; Is this reproducible on systems that had the issue before?
  • Support for AWS on ARM
  • Merged into master; pre-announcement going out August 3rd

Core Update 160

  • Pending problems: #12667
  • Lots of firewall changes
  • Go support for all architectures
  • We should have space for all pending patches on the list

Removing Python 2

  • Adolf will try to build without Python 2 to find any build system requirements
  • Adolf will also have a look at Client157
  • Core Update 160 should not be requiring Python 2; but it will remain until Core Update 161 for users to migrate any custom code


  • We will try to keep things shorter and more engaging


  • Michael updated the IPsec documentation
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