June 7th, 2021


  • Core Update 157
  • Core Update 158
  • Coordination of upcoming features for IPFire 2.x
    • Firewall rules based on Autonomous Systems
    • Enhancements to IPFire's web proxy
    • Migrating from ntp to chrony
    • Migrating from sysklogd to rsyslogd
    • IPsec for iOS
  • Status of dropping Python 2
  • News from IPFire 3.x ecosystem (i. e. Pakfire, installer)?
  • jitsi.ipfire.org


  • Peter
  • Michael
  • Arne
  • Jonatan
  • Stefan


Core Update 157

  • No negative reports
  • #12576 seems to cause graphs to not work on this release. This is a blocker

Core Update 158

  • Fixes for #12616 are still pending (Stefan & Michael)
  • linux-firmware (Michael)

IPsec with iOS

  • Difficult to configure
  • Needs documentation

Firewall rules based on Autonomous Systems

  • Stefan suggests abusing xt_geoip
  • Peter wants to play around with it as time allows
  • Would require some good UI and AS names for ARIN & LACNIC (Peter)

Blocking websites based on 'fast flux'

  • Peter has some code that pro-actively detects websites hosted on hijacked servers

Migrating towards modern software

  • ntpd -> chrony: More robust
  • sysklogd -> rsyslogd: Erik attempted this, but project stalled

Dropping Python 2

  • Remove packages that have been dropped
  • CRDA is the last (only?) blocker


  • It Peter's gets his setup fixed, the next call will be a video call




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