March 1st, 2021


  • Schedule release date for Core Update 154
  • Upcoming Core Update 155
    • Status of Kernel 5.x (#12464)
    • CPU utilization in Suricata (#12548)
    • dhcpd on i[5-6]86?
  • Pakfire
  • Location database
  • 32-bit ARM, RISC-V, ... - ad nauseam
  • fireperf
  • NAT Slipstreaming attack


  • Peter
  • Arne
  • Daniel
  • Michael
  • Leo
  • Jonatan
  • Stefan


Core Update 154

  • To be released within the next few days

Core Update 155

  • Many smaller patches, updated packages, et al.
  • IPsec with Apple devices
  • CPU utilization in Suricata
    • Suricata team did not solve the problem and does not respond to our remarks
    • Suricata 6.x unfortunately remains unusable for us :-/
    • Overall situation is quite disappointing
  • Need to ship Suricata due to updated Rust
  • Kernel 5.x
    • iptables issues - this is a show-stopper (#12575)
    • ARM patchset not ready
    • Some smaller issues (graphs and HW LEDs are broken)
    • Delayed, will not land in C155

32-bit ARM, RISC-V, et al.

  • RISC-V emulator works fine, real hardware currently unavailable
    • Rust and Suricata won't work on that architecture
    • Branch and toolchain are virtually ready


  • Safe execute environment done
  • New clean parser for build files ready
  • There will be no network connectivity inside the build containers
  • Working on functioning Pakfire version for IPFire 3.x again


  • Daniel tested the hardware he has at hands
  • Interesting hardware bugs appear en masse
  • Flapping connection rates above certain thresholds
  • We are stumbling into some bottlenecks (NIC driver?) but cannot determine it exactly, yet
  • Feedback and insights welcome


  • OpenVPN CGI has some severe bugs and needs to be re-worked soon
    • Peter tries to contact Erik (OpenVPN guru) on this matter
  • QoS: Some minor improvements suggested, Leo is taking care of this
  • Update Accelerator:
    • Rename passive mode to something more descriptive (#12577)
    • Display file sizes in human-readable units
  • Remove old themes due complexity (#12578)
  • Rust is a PITA de luxe, other distributions have trouble with that as well :-/
  • Turn on GCC static code analysis (#12579)
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