May 4th, 2020 - Happy Star Wars Day - Lockdown Week #8


  • Core Update 145
  • The status of the Community Portal
  • Users struggle with DNS - Why?
  • New hardware appliance coming up?
    • How do we conduct reproducible benchmarks?


  • Arne
  • Daniel
  • Jonatan
  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Stefan


Core Update 145

  • GUI menue is broken in unstable the currently broken
  • OpenVPN accounting as an add-on or in the base system?
    • Base system is probably less hassle
  • Many patches are still queued, too big for a single update
  • e1000 driver causes trouble, Arne and Jonatan are having a look at it
  • 32 bit is causing more and more pain and is likely to be dropped in a foreseeable future
    • Next kernel won't support 32 bit
    • 32 bit is completely insecure (CPU security vulnerabilities)

Users are experiencing DNS problems

  • Unbound fails to resolve the root zone?
  • Suricata does not seem to be involved?
  • Arne and Jonatan are opening up tickets
  • Unbound, Suricata et al. seem to contain bugs, we should attempt to fix them upstream

The status of the Community Portal

  • Community message volume is lower than expected
  • Technical knowledge of some users is an outspeaking disaster
  • Some users lack most basic network/linux knowledge
  • People apparently do not read documentation
  • Make the wiki more visible

New hardware appliance

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