September 3rd, 2018


  • Arne
  • Stefan
  • Michael
  • Peter


Major infrastructure outage on 2018-08-29

  • Was caused due to installing updates on one host
  • All services went down for several hours
  • Some servers need to be booted manually, everything important is up again
  • Infrastructure mailinglist post

Moving to Suricata

  • Some major bugs occurred during development
  • CGI is currently poorly documented, still some work to do
  • Basic tasks (starting, blocking, ...) works

  • Peter looks at the configuration at 2018-09-15/16

  • IDS bypass setting is useful for testing, but should be removed in production

Core Update 123

Core Update 124

  • EFI has been merged, absolutely no testing feedback
  • New kernel scheduled

CPU vulnerabilities & Kernel security

  • Disabling HyperThreading does not solve the underlying problem
  • Some vulnerabilities need BIOS updates (huge problem)
  • Current Linux kernel situation is very confusing

    • Kernel developers need to sign various NDAs
    • It is basically all shit and falling into pieces
    • ARM64 looks like a good alternative, but process is slow
  • Kernel self protection still needs some work (#11659)

Developer team meeting

Prototype for new hardware appliance

Major website update

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