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February 1st, 2016


  • Core Update 98 release planning
    • dnsmasq?
  • CaptivePortal
  • Infrastructure migration imminent
  • rebuildroutes after reboot?


  • Timo
  • Michael
  • Arne
  • Daniel
  • Alex


Core 98

  • New compiler (gcc 5.x)
  • More security features in packages can be enabled
  • New Kernel (3.14.60 with backports from 4.2)
  • Connection tracking settings adjustable
  • New Addon: phpmyadmin
  • Minor addon updates
  • dnsmasq: no stable version available, but more stable than our currently shipped version???


  • Currently only works on green
  • Voucher or Usage agreement form
  • User/MAC is then allowed to surf for a specified time
  • CP via blue is a open topic in case someone uses WlanAP
  • No RADIUS Support

Who is Online

  • Testers needed
    • Daniel will test this in his company

Infrastructure migration imminent

  • Will be done tonight by Michael

rebuildroutes after reboot?

  • Fixed in November 2015 (20151105 )
  • Static Routes configuration needs to be recreated (disable and reenabled)
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