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# Network
This is the wiki with technical documentation of the networking code in IPFire 3.x.
At first of all, you should know that there is a "network" command that lets you control everything you need.
Second, there are [](./ports), [](./configs) and [](./zones).
## Ports
When the system boots up, all ethernet devices are scanned and automatically added to the network configuration.
They are called [](./ports) and do only forward ethernet frames. They do *not* have any layer 3 protocol on them.
Additionally, other ports can be created like [](VLAN)-ports, [](Bonding)-ports, and so on.
(**FIXME** - cannot locate these links)
## Zones
A [zone](/devel/network/zones) is a network device which actually used by the applications and system. This is the place where IP addresses are configured and routing is done.
## Configs
Configurations are a bunch of settings that get applied to zones. This could be for example an IPv4 address.
## Man Pages
The man pages are available online as HTML documents. They are automatically exported and therefore always up to date.
## Misc.
* [](./qa)
* [](./security-policies)
* [](./ipsec)
* [](./wireless-networks)
* [](./firewall)
* [](./qos)