Wireless Networks

IPFire can connect to a WiFi network as a client. In order to be flexible and connect to multiple networks, we will have a central point of storage for the credentials of those: /etc/network/wireless/networks

Create a new network

network wireless networks new SSID
network wireless networks destroy SSID

Set the encryption method

network wireless networks SSID encryption-mode WPA2-PSK

Settings a PSK

network wireless networks SSID pre-shared-key ABCD123456


The priority is needed to tell the client which network to prefer when multiple are available

network wireless networks SSID priority 10

Default could be 500


It would be nice to scan for networks and then select one to connect to, enter the PSK or any other credentials and then connect...

$ network wireless networks scan phy0
Scanning... this will take a moment...

1) Network A (WPA2-PSK)
2) Network B (WPA-PSK)


If no PHY is given, we could just search for one that is not in use. All wireless modules should return the same results.


  • How can IPFire to two different wireless networks at the same time. In the moment you can set the network to use in the zone configuration, with this feature both zones will take the same network with the same priority
  • How can I temporary set a different network to connect to?
  • How can we detect which network matches which SSID? Using the SSID is a bad idea how can we handle SSID with space or special characters?
  • Why do we use the term pre-shared-key?
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