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# Getting in touch with the developers
Getting in touch with the developers of the IPFire distribution is not always that easy. It depends a lot on the topic you are reaching out and what your goal is. This is mainly because of a simple thing:
## Developers are busy
They receive lots of emails a day with all sorts of things they need to take care of. They also have day jobs. So please at all times **avoid** sending emails directly to any developer at any time unless they ask you to. There is almost never a reason to send private emails.
This will also often delay getting a response when you get stuck in someone's inbox.
## "Default to open"
The best approach is always to contact someone what we call "in the open". [There is a detailed planet post about the whole topic](http://planet.ipfire.org/post/default-to-open-please). Here is the essence of it:
### Send emails to lists
Instead of sending personal emails, please send them to the right mailing list. You will find there a group of people who are able to reply which will give you a quick reply and your conversation will be archived so that people can find it if they have the same question.
* [](/devel/mailing-lists)
### File a bug report
If you have found a bug in the software, please file a ticket. Tickets are great to keep track of the status of an issue and they can quickly be assigned to the person who is best taking care of it.
* [](/devel/bugzilla)
### Never make a public conversation private
Never reply to an email on a mailing list or a bug report in private. You will probably just be ignored.
Even if you have a security-related bug that you want to report, you can do this on the bug tracker by marking it as such.
## Meeting in person
You can meet us in person at our annual [](/ids) or some other [events](../events) that we visit.