Commit changes

When you scratch built the package and you got an successful mail from the build system you are ready to commit your changes.
From the branch where you made your changes, just do a
git commit -vsa

And on Top of your commit message write what has changed.

For example:

[PATCH v2 n/m] grep: Update to Version x.y

If this commit has more patches, then n/m must be used.

We recommend the following Tags:
* This is an Update release
* This is a Bug-fix release
* This is a Security-fix release (with changes what was fixed)

Then add a useful Bug description, if this is a BUG
Fixes: [#11064](

And a short description

Push your changes to your upstream repository

Now you can push your changes to your serverbranch with
git push <username> <branch-name>

Send patch to patchwork

And finally send your commit to the patchwork server

git send-email -1

ATTENTION: If this patch is a second patch to a package or an answer to a already send message, please use instead:

git send-email -1 -v2 -in-reply-to <msg-id of email from last patch>

-v2 means that this is version 2 of the patch. The -in-reply-to switch is used to make the mails look like a thread in your mailprogramm, so that all mails regarding one commit are all one place and easily to see.

Now your patch is awaiting approval.

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