The Memory page on the Status menu displays information about the use of physical RAM and the swap partition of your IPFire installation as well as a summary of the current conditions.

Memory Graph

The memory graph shows the relative usage of the physical RAM. It distinguishes between the types of usage:

  • Used Memory (maximum, average, minimum and current)
  • Buffered Memory (maximum, average, minimum and current)
  • Cached Memory (maximum, average, minimum and current)
  • Free Memory (maximum, average, minimum and current)

Please note that the standard view shows a timespan of one day. You can also bring up graphs for an hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly timespan if you click the appropriate links above the graphs.

Swap Graph

The swap graph shows the usage of the swap partition in a similar manner.

The summary again shows the current usage of the physical as well as swap memory in a similar distinction as the graph above. However, in addition to showing the relative usage it also shows absolute values.

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